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Six Seasons

Wet Season (December – January – February)

We've just had one of those huge storms that leave you stunned. The air is light and clear, filled with suspended particles and silver drops sit like mercury, on the banana leaves. 

Knock Em Down (February – March – April)

In the deep water on the flood plains, among the beds of wild rice, Magpie geese are raising their fluffy chicks. Dragonflies scoot across the water chasing insects.

Burn Off (April - May - June)


A cool breeze tickles the side of your face one morning and the rain is gone.

The spear grass seeds fall and work their way into the soil. 

Dry Season (June – July – August)


Ahhh. The grass and weeds have slowed down, the chewing insects have disappeared and all those plants you've had to mollycoddle through the Wet will now thrive.

Build Up (August – September – October)


The wind is hot and dry, crinkling up your skin and setting your hair on end. As the billabongs shrink into small pools, the water birds come in thousands to feast.

Troppo (October – November – December)


The air is so filled with humidity it is so hard to walk through, but I’m eating a ripe pineapple with lashings of freshly picked mango each morning for breakfast.


Wet Season
Knock Em Down
Burn Off
Dry Seaon
Build Up
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