The Last Muster


The Last Muster is at once an exciting tale and an exploration of complex issues. There is plenty of action and suspense, wild horses, musters and getting lost, but The Last Muster is about much more. It shows the complexities of land rights and ownership of story.

Jandamarra (a real man used by Norrington in the book with the permission of the Banuba people), is an Aboriginal fugitive who hid out on the station a century before. For the white family, the man was a threat and an outlaw - to the Aboriginal family he was a freedom fighter.

Again Norrington explores the complexities of the coexistence and clashes of European and Aboriginal cultures. Each new title reveals more of her story-weaving skills.

The Devil You Know


How can Damien keep himself and his mum safe now his father is coming home? Run? Fight? Hide?

The Devil You Know takes you under the skin of a troubled young man and brings the  you face-to-face with bullying,  family violence and the devestating effect it has on young people.  Hopeful and bleak in equal measure, this warm, honest novel explores friendship, resiliance, courage, the power of creative expression,  and a boy in the process of growing up.

Bush Holiday


Bush holiday is a story about learning to 'look after' country. For forty thousand years Indigenous Australians have come together in special places like Goose Billabong to ‘look after’ the land. ‘Looking after’ means they have to get to know the country and the animals and plants that live on it. They must camp at that special place to allow the country to hear and feel them.

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Croc Bait


Sean and his extended family are camped down at Black Bull Yard. Sean’s uncles and his dad go fishing every night, but Sean he’s too small to go with them. Sean wants to go hunting with the men more than anything.

One morning, he creeps down to the river to check the fishing lines and yabbie pots.  But unknown to him, he's being watched too. A cold, sleepy crocodile has his eye on the "warm, fat little human" perched on the tree above him. Does Sean get eaten?

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