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  • leonie norrington

Zucchini heaven

Don't you love it when the zucchini plants are thriving. The first flush of flowers are stuffed and battered, then the tiny new ones steamed in garlic butter, then sliced and steamed.

Opps forgot to pick that one. Zucchini cake, fritters, slice. Don't forget to salt and leave to drain to get the moisture out before you take them into fritters Jasmin even wrings the grated zucchini out in a tea towel to make it really dry and her zucchini fritters are to die for.Now when they are looking so good is the time to plant new seeds so you have new plants coming on before the old ones succumb to mildew, pumpkin beetle and general old age. Oh, Don't forget that wonderful New Zealand zuccuni chocolate cake.

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