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Soft plastic rubbish

Updated: May 18, 2020

If they're not recycled, soft plastics end up floating across the landscape, deteriorating in to millions of microscopic parts to choke, suffocated - taking up huge amounts of room in the rubbish bin. My daughter-in-law's mum has lived out bush for most of her life and showed me this clever trick to keep soft plastics under control. Once you've used and washed them a few times (veggies and meat first then cane toads and other grubby things) they start deteriorating and need to go to bed. I shove them into empty containers. Just keep the container on the bench until it is full, then close the lid and toss it in the bin.

I fill all sorts of object with soft plastics, tins, bottles or yogurt and ice-cream containers. It not only reduces your rubbish volume by more than half but keeps the soft plastics tucked away where they can't float off and get themselves in trouble.

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